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Immortal Unchained (Argeneau #25)(15)
Author: Lynsay Sands

Domitian found a smile creeping across his face at her attitude and quickly ducked his head to examine her foot so she wouldn’t see it.

Apparently he hadn’t been quick enough, however, because she growled, “Go ahead and snicker, fang boy, but you walked right through a floor full of that broken china on your way up here and I get to dig at your feet next.”

“Why do I get the feeling you would enjoy causing me pain?” Domitian asked wryly, leaning in to remove the first small piece of glass from her foot. She hadn’t responded by the time he removed the glass, so after tapping the tweezers on the edge of the sink to remove the fragment, he asked mildly, “What have I done to make you so angry?”

A glance up showed her looking dissatisfied and as mulish as a twelve-year-old boy. When he simply held on to her foot firmly, and waited for her answer, Sarita finally shrugged unhappily. “I don’t like the idea that someone has been following me around for fifteen years.”

“Ah.” Domitian turned his attention back to her foot. “I apologize for that. But I did not wish to disrupt your life by insinuating myself into it while you were so young. I wanted you to have a normal childhood and experience everything other girls do—school, friends, even boyfriends,” he added, his mouth tightening around the word. “However, I didn’t wish to lose track of you either. I wanted to be able to approach you once you were old enough and woo you in the normal fashion. But I needed to know where you were when the time came, so I hired a private detective.”

“That’s all?” she asked suspiciously.

Domitian shrugged as he worked on the last sliver. “Pretty much. I got monthly reports letting me know that you were alive and well. Sometimes they included little details like the school you attended, or that you had friends and were attending parties and dances or whatnot. But I told him not to give me names or to be too intrusive in gaining his information.”

“Why?” Sarita asked, sounding a little more curious and less angry.

“Because I did not wish to know who you were dating,” he admitted gruffly.

“Why?” she repeated with real interest now.

Domitian raised his head and peered at her briefly, but then admitted, “Because you have been mine since the moment you entered my restaurant with your father at thirteen and I realized I could not read you,” he admitted solemnly.

Sarita’s eyes widened slightly at this announcement and the possessive way he said it and she was suddenly aware of both his hands curved around her heel, and his breath blowing softly over her foot. Swallowing, she closed her eyes and struggled not to curl her toes as Domitian returned to his efforts, adding, “I did not want to know another male might be kissing you.”

Sarita bit her lower lip and dug her fingernails into her hands as she not only felt his words breathed across her toes, but suddenly had an image in her mind of this man kissing her, his arms tight around her, his fingers pulling her head back, his hips grinding against her as his tongue swept through her mouth. Frightened by the wave of need that rolled over her, Sarita forced her eyes open, banishing the image.

“Or caressing your luscious breasts,” Domitian continued. His fingers shifted, brushing over the sensitive skin of her instep, but it was Sarita’s breasts that tingled in response. Her nipples even hardened as if he was doing what he was speaking about and she closed her eyes briefly again, only to be assailed by a sudden vision of Domitian peeling her nightgown down away from her breasts and covering them with his hands.

“Or stripping your clothes away and exploring your hidden depths with his lips and tongue and body.”

Sarita shook her head and forced her eyes open to see that his gaze was sliding along her leg, following an invisible path to her core. It was just a look, but she could almost feel his touch there, and she foolishly closed her eyes again as a shudder ran through her. This time the vision that filled her mind was of his kneeling between her legs, tugging her forward until she perched on the edge of the counter and then kissing a trail up one thigh to the strip of white cloth between her legs.

“Oh God,” Sarita gasped, startling herself. She blinked her eyes open with confusion just in time to see Domitian getting to his feet and setting the tweezers on the counter.

“All done,” he said lightly, turning back to her. “That was not so bad, was it?”

Sarita stared at him blankly, her body throbbing with need, and then raised a hand to her forehead and shook her head. “I don’t—”

She closed her eyes again and sucked in a breath as the imaginary Domitian was immediately there, tugging the silky cloth of the thong aside and burying his head between her thighs so that his tongue could rasp across her sensitive flesh.

“Sarita? Are you all right?”

She opened her eyes to find that Domitian had bent toward her as he asked the question. His face was directly in front of hers, his lips just inches away, his breath sliding over her lips and setting them tingling too.

Growling, Sarita caught him around the neck and tried to pull him closer, wanting—no, needing—to kiss him. But Domitian resisted and reminded her, “You said n—”

“Shut up and kiss me,” Sarita snapped, and much to her relief he did. His mouth immediately shot down to cover hers, his tongue sweeping out to slide between her lips just as it had in her mind moments earlier.

His kiss was hot and deep and so sweet that she almost didn’t notice his hands sliding under her bottom and lifting her as he straightened. She did wrap her legs around his hips, though, when his hands shifted to her upper legs and he urged them up and apart. Sarita groaned into his mouth as their groins rubbed against each other, the action sending a wave of liquid fire rolling through her body.

Trembling in its wake, Sarita kissed him desperately and shifted her hips to bring about the sensation again. She felt Domitian’s hand tugging at the neckline of her robe and gown and briefly broke their kiss to lean back enough to allow him access. She then watched as he quickly tugged the material of both items down, freeing her breasts. Her nipples were hard and excited, eager to be touched, and Sarita breathed “yes” on a groan when his hand covered one. But she then tightened her arms around his neck and pressed forward, trapping his hand there as she covered his mouth again, silently demanding another kiss.

Domitian answered the call, whipping her into a frenzy with his tongue even as he squeezed her behind and the breast he held. When he then caught her nipple between thumb and finger and rolled and pinched it gently, she cried out into his mouth and broke their kiss to throw her head back as she arched into the caress. She also tightened her legs around his hips and shifted, grinding against the hardness that had grown between them.

Domitian’s response was a string of curses through clenched teeth, and then she felt the edge of the cold counter under her bottom.

Blinking in surprise, Sarita stared at him with confusion, and then uttered a startled gasp as he dropped to his knees before her and simply tore off the hated white thong she wore. When he then buried his face between her thighs, Sarita cried out, her feet slapping against the front of the cupboards and her arms moving back so that she could brace herself on the countertop as she arched, her butt partially lifting off the counter as he set to work.

Domitian didn’t just rasp his tongue across her flesh as he had in her imaginings, he devoured her. Holding her legs firmly apart, he used teeth and tongue and lips as he explored every inch of her most sensitive flesh.

Within seconds Sarita was lost. Legs thrashing where he held them pinned open, bottom bouncing, she clawed at his head and shoulders and moaned over and over. And every time she moaned, Domitian groaned in response, his mouth vibrating against her skin and increasing her pleasure twofold and then twofold again.

Just when Sarita was sure she couldn’t stand a moment more, Domitian broke off what he was doing, and stood up between her legs. He jerked his boxers down, freeing a truly impressive erection, and then clasped her by the hips and thrust into her.

Sarita wasn’t sure what she’d expected, but it wasn’t to explode into orgasm with just that first thrust. But she did. She dug her nails into his shoulders and threw her head back on a long scream as wave after wave of pleasure exploded over and around her, drenching her in it, drowning her, until it finally pulled her down with it into the soothing darkness that waited beyond consciousness.

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