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Dragon Mystics (Supernatural Prison #2)(13)
Author: Jaymin Eve

I tilted my head back to try to take in its full height. I’d seen skyscrapers on television of course, but had never been in one. There were none in Stratford.

My wolf whined a little inside. Even my dragon started to move around. As shifters, all of that stone and brick and timber piled on top of each other made me quite nervous. It wasn’t natural.

The grays paused just before the revolving door. Gerard waved toward the glass monstrosity. “My brethren advise that we have three dwellings available. You can split and be in two double-bedrooms, or stay together in a four bedroom. How would you prefer to stay?”

“Four bedroom!” all the Compasses shot out.

Mischa, Grace, and I exchanged commiserating grins and sighs. Over-protective and domineering men were fine ninety percent of the time. But there was always that ten percent you wanted to fight them on.

Right now I was in the ninety. I wanted everyone together and safe. The only problem with this was finding a moment away from Grace so I could tell Jacob and Tyson about my dual shifting ability. I was done having any more secrets within my pack.

We were led into the building. As I stepped into the rotating doorway, I somehow managed to get my arm caught, almost killing myself. Thankfully, Jacob was quick enough to yank me free before the next go-around snapped my bone. I seriously needed less metal and more forest around me, I wasn’t cut out for this shit. When the silver elevator doors opened I clenched my hands tighter in the jacket I was holding. Once inside, the small panel numbers lit up as we rose in the tiny death box. I was astonished that a place like this existed within a mountain – a place so rustic seeming to have such modern, human amenities. It was weird, and after all that had happened, weird put my senses on high alert.

The Compasses pretty much filled the elevator with the rest of us crammed in around them. Including the grays. I glanced between them. “I’ll bet we’re over the weight limit with you four in here.”

The quads just grinned.

I felt a small hand snake its way into mine. I looked down. It was Mischa. She appeared to be as freaked as I was, but one would assume she’d been in a lift before.

“Sometimes I’m claustrophobic,” she said, as if she’d heard my thought. “Elevators are one of the things which trigger it. I avoid them at all costs.”

It had probably been her suppressed wolf trying to force its need forward. She’d never known about her heritage while living in the human world. I’m sure it made for some confusing little quirks.

“Almost there. Floor twenty-two,” Gerard said.

There were only twenty-four floors. We were right near the top, which I did not like for many reasons, but escape and safety were number one.

“What you stressing for, Jessa babe?” Maximus murmured as he sidled closer. “You’re safer than most of us.”

Oh, that’s right, I could fly.

But it wasn’t as simple as that. I leaned in closer to the grays. “Does this sanctuary hide and contain the power of the dragon marked?” I asked. All eyes were suddenly on me. “If we use our powers, can the Four find us?”

Those scary-ass quads, the only other foursome in the supernatural world besides my boys, were constantly on my mind.

Gerard smiled. “You are safe to free your energies. The protections here are unparalleled. You’re more secure here than anywhere else. You will have time to learn, train, and expand on any and all skills of the marked.”

A surge of relief flooded my body, some of the tension that had been riding me eased a little. Though Braxton’s expression did not shift, and I knew he was reserving judgment.

Often when things seem too good to be true…

Finally the ride from hell ended and we exited the metal box into a long hallway, which then branched out to four doorways. Gerard led us through to the furthest door. It had a large number on it: 2244.

Seemed we had found our home for the time being.

“Your bags should be inside by now, and you’re welcome to shower and relax. We eat in one hour. We will meet you downstairs then, for the rest of the tour.”

Gerard bowed his head and then the grays left us at our door.

Grace flicked her red hair over her shoulder as she turned to watch them leave. “How do we get into our room?”

Her quick dark eyes had picked up on the fact that there was no lock or possible way to access this room.

The cloaks did not turn back, and seemingly before we could blink twice they were on the elevator and gone. I huffed, exasperated. I really needed a shower and I really needed food. This friggin’ door had better open soon. I kicked at the wooden structure, missing it by a few inches. I’d been standing a little far back, and I didn’t really want to break their door down. I’m sure the mystics would be pissed if I started damaging their stuff.

A snort of laughter had my head flipping around. It was Braxton, actually laughing at me, which would be a real dick move, except his laughter was the most beautiful sound I’d heard in days.

“What?” I couldn’t stop a return smile from crossing my face. “You questioning my door breaking abilities?”

In one rapid movement, he leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead. My heart pretty much stopped beating. I stared up at him, my eyes wide and unfocused. That had come from nowhere, and it had hit me. Right. In. The. Feels.

Tyson distracted me then. “There is magic riding this entrance.” He gently shoved me aside and started running both hands over the wood without actually touching it. He remained calm, clearly not sensing anything too worrying. Finally after a few more circuits, he slammed both hands down, right in the center of the white barrier.

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